NEW Cannabis Beauty Defined Skincare

Perhaps we have the best kept beauty secret that is about to be a household name:  Cannabis Beauty.  It is now being defined and understood as the key to skin health, anti-aging and the prevention of skin conditions caused by inflammation and oxidative stress from our environment and from within.  Who knew?  Even after spending 25 years in the cosmetics industry, I had to do my research and due diligence when I first joined Kannaway 4 years ago.  Natural skincare traditionally didn’t do much for the skin besides make us feel good about the chemicals we left behind- a big deal of course!  Finding out that a “simple” little plant and herbs combined together could change everything was a revelation at best… one that would chart a course to the new products we have today.

The big question is: “What has changed”?  For me, it’s more “what remains the same with the brand that we love and have seen results from”? Here is a look at those two questions.

  1. What remains the same from the original Defined to the new Cannabis Beauty Defined? 

  • They all contain the same Hemp CBD with Bibong Herbal formulas we all trust and love!  Remember, hemp is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Oriental Medicine and it works in synergy with the Bibong herbal extracts that have been used in Korean beauty rituals for centuries due to their unparalleled skin-enhancing properties.
  • Other herbs like Ginseng, Dragon’s Blood, and Licorice root are all still part of the incredible formulas.
  • They are still all-natural, no parabens, sulfates, surfactants, chemicals or harsh ingredients. 
  • They are still intended to be multi-purpose and unisex- for everyone!

2.  What is improved or different about the new Cannabis Beauty Defined line?

  • Upgraded, spa- quality, premium, natural packaging improves the product experience and preserves the products even more efficiently than before.  Travel ready sizes are more practical as well.  Just in time for Kannaway:  The Natural Choice.  What else would you expect from the Premier Cannabis Company?

  • They all have an added anti-aging/ active ingredient that is still natural, but improves the performance of the products.  

  • Step 1 Cleanser:  This new mousse-activated foaming formula contains Burdock now- known for its’ clarifying properties. 
    • ADVANTAGE:  Most people in our modern society need a foaming sensation to “feel” clean- even though we still do NOT use harsh surfractants- aka chemical foaming agents- the secret is in the foaming pump applicator!

  • Step 2 Exfoliator:  Rosehips have been added- which are high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to provide a natural resurfacing to clear away debris and dead skin cells- making way for a fresh and vibrant feeling skin.  Licorice root and Bentonite clay addd even more to the natural exfoliation process of the formula. 
    • TIP:  This allows for better absorption of serums and moisturizer daily, plus, for men, it helps them get a closer shave with less ingrown hairs!

  • Step 3 Perfecting Mask:  Now, we no longer have to use our cleanser like a mask!  This Green Tea Leaf, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Ester clay mask is will remove impurities, help your skin retain moisture, firming and plumping the skin as well as enhancing your skin’s natural, healthy, youthful glow. 
    • TIP:  Use only on a clean skin after cleansing and exfoliating for best results 1-3 times per week depending on your skin type- oily skin types use more frequently. 

  • Step 4 Vitality Serum:  We have all fallen in love with a funny sounding ingredient from the fruit of a tree- Dragon’s Blood- so thankfully, this remains along with the addition of White Peony- a powerful antioxidant- improving skin’s radiance as well as a peptide that mimics and becomes one with the very building blocks of your skin cells.  Our peptide also has anti-wrinkle properties! 
    • TIP:  Safe for under and around the eye area.  Don’t forget your delicate skin on your neck- which can become crepey earlier than other parts of your facial skin.

  • Step 5 Moisturizer:  This Ginseng and Vitamin C Ester formula add to the anti-aging benefits by brightening and clarifying the skin- diminishing the appearance of fine lines. 
    • TIP:  As the last step of your routine, this also preps the skin for makeup as well as protecting your skin from the environment- dirt, pollution and more!

Short Cut TIPS:  

  • Save time when you are not cleaning off makeup by mixing your exfoliator and cleanser together in the shower for a double duty treat!
  • Mix your serum and moisturizer together for cosmetic cocktail when you are in a hurry!
  • Remove our mask once it has dried on the skin with a warm wet washcloth by laying it on the skin for a few minutes.  Gently wipe downward and outward to remove.

Make sure you learn how to incorporate Hemp CBD skincare into your routine as you supplement our body from the inside out!  Your skin is your outermost organ and it has an endocannabinoid system too that exists in all of the little micro-organs inside of it- working to protect you thoughout your busy day!  Skin health is the best defense against a tough environment out there- prioritize it!